Features Hunters Need

We make it easy to link weather to each animal's activity. While you simply upload your trail cam photos, we do the organizing and patterning work for you.

Hit List

Add an unlimited amount of animals to your hit list for tracking your hunts this season and build a profile around each one.

Hunting Properties and Stands

Add an unlimited amount of properties and stands. Within your properties you can add your stands and hunting locations and tie them to a geolocation. From here we help aid you with valuable weather information for patterning.

Animal Profile

Each animal on your hit list has a profile to which you can add your trail cam photos, building up an activity history with your property and hunting locations and stands. We assist with the patterning stats to make your hunting experience easier.


Manage your trail cam photos by adding them to your animal profiles. When you have a successful hunt, simply move your animal to the trophy wall to share with your friends. Have a funny or too good trail cam image that you don't want to lose? Then add it to your favorite photos!

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Plan. Hunt. Eat.

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